Electronic Lab Manual & Notebook

The ePrayogLekha is for Teachers, Instructors, Technical Assistant’s, Lab Coordinators, and Students. It Manages, Engages, Monitors, and Evaluates Your Students' lab work. A mobile compatible version is a Digital Lab Manual covering materials and methods for the complete experimentation in laboratories. A 24x7 real time access for the teachers and activated time periods for the student’s laboratory timing is provided. It has an option of student’s interactions with their teachers. The Students can easily upload images of organic samples, chromatograms, etc. and videos directly to their notebook while conducting lab experiments. The provision of manual calculation is also a feasible. The hard copy submission can also be done through ePrayogLekha portal. The grading procedure is also done on line. This edition is focused on increasing student completion rate for lab courses. It replaces Paper Notebooks. It Replace the Paper Notebook and Lab Manuals to better monitor, engage and evaluate your students lab work. It Manage and distribute all lab info, lab practices, lab processes, and external learning resources. It is a Real-time 24/7 collaboration, sharing and feedback between professors, TA's, and students. It has Easily access stored experimental data imported from lab output captured from original lab machines. It Update course material, review assignments, student activity, and provide grades all in one place. It stores all file types - Images, PDFs, MS-Office, etc. – manually collect data, observations, calculations, etc.The student can download a portfolio of their lab work to So go ahead Digital with an ELN