An ELMN is a digital lab manual, covering materials and methods for the complete experimentation to be performed in laboratories (Manual). The students can record their real time experiments observations, verify the calculations, plot graphs by themselves, take pictures and insert graphs, chromatograms, etc online (Notebook). It gives time, space and freedom to work. It is available 24X7 and useful to treat students as participants in learning, not as only receivers.

It makes Practical recording eco-friendly as it saves paper. It helps teachers to simulate students and make them feel the excitement and fascination for the subject.

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How to Use ELMN

Quick & Smart Solution

The site 'Postgraduate Courses' deals with a paperless practical manual cum notebook in which the students of M.Sc or research can feed their real time observations electronically after performing experiments in the laboratory. The portion of the site has the theory and procedure of all the experiments reported in the Post graduate KU curriculum to begin with. The students can easily interact with their teachers online all the time.

For Students

The students can register themselves for the courses they are studying in a particular term. They will be provided with user id as well as password. The students come prepare in their regular practical class for a specific experiment to be done on a specific day. They will be given with some quick instructions by the teachers, if needed. The students will perform experiment in the laboratory and start feeding the observations in the ELMN in place of the present auxiliary note book. The students can perform calculations online through this ELMN and plot graphs, if required. The students can take pictures of the experiment/programs they had done in the laboratory and paste it in the notebook. The students can submit their results once they are satisfied with calculations, plotting, observations & outputs etc online. New Registration

For Teacher

The teachers can also register themselves. An electronic mail message will be received after the registration of your name at your email. Teachers will be provided with confirmation, a user name and password through their emails after proper verifications. Teacher can proceed for login into the portal.Password can be changed as per the comfort of teacher. New Registration

For Co-ordinator

The present portal of Paperless ELMN can be used by the students and teachers of different colleges, universities, institutions, etc after getting a verification message from the co ordinator. Therefore the first stage will be the registration of a particular institution co ordinator. Then the students and teachers of that institution will be able to register themselves. New Registration