It is very important that our school students are trained to think the basic concept of science through WHY AND HOW things happen. Keeping this in mind we are conducting VigyanPratispradha – A science quiz for our young students from classes 6th to 12th. This online version is designed and developed by Russian Centre for Science and Culture in collaboration with Centre for Innovations in Science Education MLK DAV School Dwarka.

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For Students

For online quiz the students are provided with login user name and password. The questions will be uploaded on this portal and will be available only at the fixed time as well as date. The students will have to tick answer in one hour time. After the time is over the students will have to submit answers. After this the questions will be available on the portal and the option of answering questions will not be available.Click here for student registration  

For Evaluators

The e-Vigyanpratispradha is for evaluators who evaluate the results and analyse them in a scientific manner. The teacher evaluators will also be provided users name and password for the purpose. Click here for evaluator registration  

For Co-Ordinators

It is important to co-ordinate the entire activity through different schools. The co-ordinators will execute e-vigyanpratispradha, pass on passwords to students and teacher evaluators too. Click here for school/institution co-ordinator